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My name is Eva Mok. I am a photographer based in Macao and my primary interests are humanist and architectural photography. I love to capture things that reflect the everyday life and culture in different countries.

While I love colour photography, I also work a lot in monochrome, especially when I feel like giving my photos a nostalgic feel. I think monochrome photography will never go out of fashion!


Eva Mok

Solo Exhibition



Impressions of a Small City, Macao

Group Exhibitions



A Journey Away From Urban Life, 5th Base Gallery, London


PSM (The Photographic Society of Macao) Members’ Photography Exhibition, Lou Lim Ieoc Garden Pavilion, Macao


Exhibition of Photos by the Participants of the Stage Photography Workshop of The 25th Macao Arts Festival Old Court Building, Macao

Honors / Awards


Honorable Mention, “Macau Heritage, Gastronomy and Traditions” Photo Contest



Runner-up, Photo Contest for the 3rd Macao Creative Make-up and Image Design Competition


First Overall Winner, Photo Contest for the 2nd Macao Creative Make-up and Image Design Competition


Honorable Mention, Fifth Annual Mobile Photography Awards, Still Life category

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